'Doctor Strange' Moves Forward, Seeks Directors

Doctor StrangeGiven Marvel’s recent string of successes in bringing their comics properties to the silver screen, it should come as no surprise that the company is looking to branch out further. With “The Avengers” hitting theaters next summer and Edgar Wright having just turned in a new script for his “Ant-Man” movie, the company has now turned its Eye of Agamotto to none other than Doctor Strange.

Way back in June of last year, Marvel hired Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write a script for the Sorcerer Supreme, and according to Twitch Film, the duo has just recently turned it in.

Donnelly and Oppenheimer have two movies out this summer, “Cowboys & Aliens” and “Conan the Barbarian,” but with the first performing less well than expected and the second still to be released, Twitch mentions that the duo perhaps aren’t as hot as they were last year. Marvel must feel confident in them, however, as the studio is said to be moving forward with the production and on the hunt for a director.

Marvel has reportedly “drafted a short list of directors to approach on the title,” but no word on who it might include, or as importantly, what actor might eventually don the Cloak of Levitation and set up shop in the Sanctum Sanctorum. As far as directors go, however, we’ve got some ideas of our own…

With his work on “The Avengers” already drawing raves based on a short teaser alone, Joss Whedon seems like a natural choice. Given that his comic book-writer pal, Brian K. Vaughan penned one of the best-received Doctor Strange stories in recent years with “Doctor Strange: The Oath,” Whedon’s involvement starts to make even more sense.

Another possibility would be a director with a distinct aesthetic and wild visual take on things, who could effectively bring the otherworldly threats and dimensions of the Strange mythos to the silver screen. People like Zack Snyder or Tarsem Singh could fit that bill, especially if the script was a strong one.

Finally, because we’re still upset about him leaving “The Wolverine,” we’d go absolutely nuts for a Darren Aronofsky “Doctor Strange.” The director showed that he could handle science fiction and strange, interlocking worlds with “The Fountain,” and while it (probably) wouldn’t feature any berserker frenzies, his take on the Sorcerer Supreme would still be a must-see for us.

Who would you like to see direct a “Doctor Strange” movie? Tell us in the comments below!