'Avengers' Teaser, 'Captain America' Spoilers Assemble!

A few things you should note before moving forward. Yes, an "Avengers" trailer has found its way online. But it's not the full trailer that was shown after the credits of "Captain America: The First Avenger" — this is just a tease of the teaser.

Furthermore, in order to see this "Avengers" trailer, you have to sit through the final scene of "Captain America." So if you haven't seen "Cap" yet, you'll need to cross some spoiler-filled waters to get to Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Unless you just want to jump to the 34 second mark; that's an option, too!

The "Avengers" teaser doesn't reveal too much — indeed, all the shots seem to be lifted from one scene that gathers the ragtag team of superheroes in one room, perhaps for the first time. It's a rapid-fire succession of quick cuts that show all seven members of the squad in their modern-day, Joss Whedon-directed duds, combined with a final few seconds that cut straight to business.

"Gentlemen," a collected Nick Fury addresses the gathered heroes, with a very pensive looking Thor the most prominent of the bunch, "you're up."

Tony Stark, sans Iron Man armor but fully decked out in dark jacket, shirt and tie, swings by the aforementioned God of Thunder and taps him twice on the shoulder. "You've got a mean swing!"

Indeed he does, as he proves with a hurl of his hammer in the trailer's final shot. Consider it a done deal, folks: "The Avengers" wins everything!

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