Olivia Wilde Wants You To See 'Cowboys & Aliens'

Looking for some reasons to go check out "Cowboys & Aliens" in theaters this weekend? Well, lucky for you, leading lady Olivia Wilde has a whole slew of them at the ready just for this moment.

MTV News caught up with the actress at the Montana junket for "Cowboys & Aliens" and asked her why she thinks her flick is the must-see summer blockbuster this season. Her answer? Because the cast is awesome and the story is original.

"We have so many amazing people," Wilde said. "We have Daniel Craig who's, I think, embodying Steve McQueen in this role. I think he's so badass it's unbelievable, and I think he's really, really smart and interesting in this role."

Even more importantly, they have Indiana Jones himself. "I think Harrison Ford pulls out his best performance in years," she argued. "I think it's incredibly moving, and also very funny."

But though those two are getting all the spotlight, Wilde thinks that the rest of the great cast should be enough to draw fans in as well. There's Paul Dano, Sam Rockwell and Keith Carradine to name a few, and Wilde seems to think you might go out knowing more of the actors in the flick than when you came in.

"We have an incredibly well-filled out cast, and I think that's why the movie feels very well seasoned. Everybody is taken into account. There's no minor character," she said. "And I think that is thanks to Jon Favreau who really knows how to make a movie feel really full and grounded and good."

In addition to that, "Cowboys & Aliens" is neither a sequel nor a superhero movie, and in Wilde's argument not even a comic book movie. Since "Star Trek" writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman only took the conceit of "Cowboys and Aliens" the graphic novel and not the actual plot, she is still calling their movie an "original piece of material."

Wilde also digs the fact that this film is a classic western. "We're bringing the western to a younger audience in a major way, and I think that's really exciting because I love westerns and I'm happy to introduce this genre to a bunch of people," she said.

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