After Hours Comic-Con Edition: Are Nerdy Celebs 'Geeks Or Posers?'

Forget booth babes, could it be that the celebrities are the real posers at Comic-Con? MTV News decided to get to the bottom of this curious dilemma in the special SDCC installment of After Hours: "Geeks or Posers?"

With nerdy stars like Patrick Stewart and Jon Favreau flocking to the convention center, we figured that the five-question quiz would be easy picking for actors of their caliber. Little did we know how few Hollywood leading men and ladies had any idea what manga was, or how most of the world has forgotten the full title of "Superman IV."

Still, there were some moments of glory. Like who knew Justin Timberlake could do such a spot-on Yoda impression? And how about Paul Scheer finally coming through and being the only celebrity MTV News interviewed to get the "Superman IV" question right? One of the funniest moments of the entire shoot came about five minutes after Taylor Lautner's interview, when he ran back into the MTV space asking for After Hours host Josh Horowitz yelling, "I meant Jenga" in response to getting the "What is manga?" question wrong.

So geeks or posers, these celebrities are? The final word you shall have, as Yoda might say. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on Twitter!