'Avengers' Hulk Design Is Based On Mark Ruffalo

HulkWondering what Mark Ruffalo might look like as the Hulk? Wonder no more!

At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios released a massive "Avengers" poster that revealed concept art for the film's take on the Jade Giant, and according to head honcho Kevin Feige, the final design is meant to reflect the actor's own appearance -- something that hasn't been done in the past, he says.

"The most important thing is that face. As you can already see in that concept painting, it is — more than any Hulk that’s ever been done in live action — a Hulk that let’s you see the actor in there. You will be able to see Ruffalo in there," Feige tells Hero Complex of the new design.

"That was a big revelation for us," he adds. "It’s just a concept painting, but in that you can see the [influence of Marvel Comics pioneer and original Hulk artist Jack] Kirby, as people have already pointed out, but also, and equally important in this case, Ruffalo’s eyes and his cheek structure. It is him."

Feige says that in the past, Marvel actively avoided using an actor's likeness in approaching the Hulk design — "Hulk was Hulk, he’s not any one actor and Hulk should look like Hulk," was the reasoning — but now, the studio is whistling a new tune.

"We did a few designs that put Ruffalo into it, and we immediately saw how much more you feel for the creature. When you keep that connection going between Banner and the Hulk and you have characters around him trying to reach Banner inside — 'Bruce, calm down,' and all of that classic Hulk stuff — it means more if you see the same actor throughout."

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