'Men In Black 3' Star Explains Effect Of Script Issues

The City of New York may have loathed Will Smith's mammoth "Men in Black 3" trailer — casting the two-story, 53-foot-long, exhaust-belching ode to Hollywood overindulgence out of the SoHo set — but costar Alice Eve had a blast hanging out in it during production.

"He was amazing and a very charismatic man," she told us at San Diego Comic-Con, while promoting the upcoming thriller, "The Raven." "He does have a very big trailer. Most people go in and go, 'It's bigger than my house!' I didn't say that, but it is!"

Smith's "like seriously dude?" trailer, though, was the least of the production's worries. Shooting was halted last November and again in February. The reported culprit was the script — namely, problems with the '60s-era, time-travel portion of the threequel. That's exactly the portion in which Eve's character appears (she plays a young version of Emma Thompson's secret agent), and while the British actress didn't deny script problems, she maintained the script work concentrated not on big-picture plot issues but on smaller, scene-by-scene matters of dialogue and the like.

"There was a lot of controversy about the script changing a lot in 'Men in Black 3,' and I have to say if [it's like] you do a play and you rehearse something and you find the moments in things, but your story and your plot and trajectory stay the same, it was very much the same," Eve explained. "Because it's such an expensive production, you're allowed the luxury of rehearsal and exploration. So, yes, within that, your pages are printed according to maybe an improvisation you did the day before and they changed them. But really the story stayed the same."

For Eve, the greatest challenge wasn't keeping up with the fresh script pages coming her way each day but portraying the Academy Award-winning Thompson. To get her mannerisms right, Eve dove into Thompson's filmography and had the makeup effects department whip up a dental prosthetic.

"I obsessed about her," she laughed. "I watched all her films, to the point where I can't watch them now. I obsessed about her, I met with her, I stared at her when I met with her. I looked at the way she moved her mouth. I had some special teeth made for my bottom teeth that were more like her shape. She kind of uses her forehead a lot and she enunciates at the end of sentence. So I did that a bit."

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