'Walking Dead' Cast Dishes On Season Two Story

One of the breakout television hits of last year was AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” With a trailer just released at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, excitement for the horror survival drama is reaching a fever pitch.

Based on the ongoing Image Comics series of the same name by writer Robert Kirkman and artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, “The Walking Dead” is the story of what happens after the zombies take over. The comics and television show follows a small group of survivors, led by Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, as they struggle to navigate their dangerous zombie-ridden world.

Speaking with MTV News about the new season, debuting on October 16, 2011, Lincoln discussed the show’s constantly shifting settings, including a visit to Hershel’s farm, a location well-familiar to fans of the comic book.

“That’s one of the benefits of doing a ‘road movie’ – that it keeps evolving, it keeps changing,” the actor explained. “Our dysfunctional family invades another family’s world, a seemingly-safe haven, and it’s not going to go well…”

The second season of “The Walking Dead” is also set to see some other major changes as well, including a new influx of new characters, such as Scott Wilson’s Hershel Greene and Lauren Cohan as his daughter Maggie. Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Rick’s wife, Lori, is clearly excited about the new castmembers.

“It’s sort of like there was a marriage and there’s a step-family,” Callies said. “It brings a whole lot of fresh blood…and brains and guts.”

While the cast members were reluctant to give too much away about season two, Jon Bernthal expressed a great deal of faith in the show’s creative team, which includes “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, even when it comes to the fate of his character, Shane Walsh.

“We’re in really good hands – these writers know exactly what they’re doing,” Bernthal assured MTV News. “So wherever they decide to go with Shane, I’m down for it.”

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