'Amazing Spider-Man' Cast Feels 'A Great Deal Of Weight'

One of the most anticipated panels at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con 2011 featured an early look at next year’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.” With the debut of multiple scenes from the film and an appearance by the movie’s star, Andrew Garfield, fans lucky enough to secure a seat in Comic-Con’s legendarily-packed Hall H were treated to something truly special.

Based on Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, the 2012 movie will be a reboot of the franchise, coming off three successful films helmed by director Sam Raimi. While some hardcore fans of that earlier trilogy have expressed trepidations about the character’s new costume and whether a reboot is even necessary, one thing everyone seems to agree on is that Garfield, with his elongated, thin frame, will make for a Spider-Man that is much truer to the original vision of the high school nerd-turned-superhero, than Tobey Maguire’s relatively thicker physique.

In a discussion with MTV News, Garfield, who is not just the star of the movie, but a huge fan himself, described what it is like to step into such an iconic, beloved role and the pressure that comes with it.

“I feel a great deal of weight,” the actor said, “We all know how important it is to so many people, and it’s equally as important to us.”

But while there is certainly pressure involved, Garfield also exudes confidence in the work that he and costars Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans have done.

“We worked really hard to make [director] Marc Webb’s vision and [Spider-Man co-creator] Stan Lee’s original vision and the essence of that character come to life again for the audience in a different way.”

When asked more specifically about the differences between “The Amazing Spider-Man” and Raimi’s films, Ifans, who plays the Lizard in the upcoming movie, praised Webb for what the actor calls his “forensic, emotional eye.”

“For all the flights and fancies that a superhero film delivers,” Ifans continued, “Inevitably, there is a human domesticity to this that hopefully will make people leave the cinema loving their parents.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man” will be released on July 3, 2012. From what you've heard so far, what do you think the differences between Webb and Raimi’s versions will be?