How Chris Evans Went From 'Another Teen' To 'Captain America'

by Whit Shaw

It’s always fun to delve into a celebrity’s past and look at what they used to wear, how they used to act, and to discover how much the times have changed. It’s even more fun to sit with them as they watch videos of their younger selves, a look of mortification and embarrassment spreading across their faces.

Such was the case when we sat down with Chris Evans, who starred in this weekend's box-office breakout "Captain America." Before we tortured Chris with videos of his past, however, we asked him what he thinks of the publicity aspect that comes with being an actor.

“It’s the worst. It’s part of the gig, it’s what you got to do, but it is tricky. It plays into your insecurities, you know? It's one thing when you’re playing a character and you have lines and you're supposed to be performing; when you just have to be yourself, it’s hard to find a comfort and not let your third eye kind of question, 'Is this silly? Am I looking ridiculous right now?'"

We understand Chris, although looking ridiculous is probably the least of your concerns. In the spirit of fun, though, we decided to have Chris take a peek at an old tape that included him with the cast from "Not Another Teen Movie," his very first movie. The look on Chris’ face as the screen flickered to life…priceless.

“What am I wearing?! I’m wearing a velour track suit.” Chris laughed, looking at a younger version of himself with gelled hair, a black track suit, and white sneakers that would have fit in perfectly in "The Fighter." Chris seemed to agree – looking at himself he says, “Sup homey? ... Obviously this was before the days of having people tell me what to do, wear, and say.”

This is true – nowadays he’s sporting a much different suit, one that is a little more patriotic and much more form-fitting. I have to hand it to him, though, he rocks both pretty well.

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