Comic-Con: From 'Dark Knight' To 'Spider-Man,' Here's What You Might Have Missed

By Ryan J. Downey

San Diego Comic-Con is Christmas for Splash Page movie news. So we understand if you missed a few things from all of our coverage over the weekend. Collected here for you like a brand new trade paperback are five of the biggest stories from MTV News' mammoth coverage of the 2011 'Con:

5. Playing Cat & Mouse With A "Dark Knight Rises" Villain

No, Anne Hathaway wasn't here to dodge our questions about Catwoman, but we cornered Tom Hardy and made our best effort to get him to talk about his role as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises" and what ensued was a cat and mouse game worthy of the sultry whip-cracker herself.

4. Rodriguez Returns To "Sin City"

We've been reporting on the "Sin City" sequel since before the first flick premiered. But this year's Comic-Con produced some real news about the oft-delayed followup to the cinematic adaptation of Frank Miller's noir universe courtesy of Robert Rodriguez as he gave us an exclusive tour of his Frank Frazetta art exhibition.

3. The "Iron Man" Movie That Could Have Been

Shane Black's "Iron Man 3" is certainly an intriguing proposition but when we had Jon Favreau in our MTV News Comic-Con HQ, we couldn't resist the urge to ask him what he would have done with the franchise had he stayed on past the first two movies as director. Guess which villain he wanted?

2. Superman Meets His Father

Superman himself Henry Cavill came by MTV's Comic-Con HQ and told us all about his first meeting with his onscreen daddy, Russell Crowe, who'll assume the role of Jor-El (famously played before by the late, great Marlon Brando) in Zack Snyder's upcoming Supes reboot "Man of Steel."

1. Andrew Garfield's "Amazing" Inspiration

Which Spidey comics specifically informed and inspired Garfield's physique in "The Amazing Spider-Man?" The actor formerly best-known for "The Social Network" spun a web for us about these very questions when he dropped by the MTV News Comic-Con HQ.