Joss Whedon: 'Avengers' Cast Has Team Spirit

It wouldn't be San Diego Comic-Con without the stalking of a run-in with fanboy favorite, Joss Whedon. I was lucky enough to chat with the man, the myth, the legend at Entertainment Weekly's star-studded Comic-Con Celebration Saturday night.

Naturally I brought up that little movie, "The Avengers" he's working on, and the fact that during our recent chats with cast members Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston his actors had nothing but praise for their director.

"I hate those guys!" he joked. "They are bastard men. No, it's a lovely troupe and each individually has so much to give. But maybe the best part, apart from them actually listening to me is that they are there for each other so much. When they're conflicting or supposed to be best friends, they're worst enemies, whatever it is, they'll come up for the other guy."

Not that my hopes aren't already high for this film, because they are sky high, but the fact that there seems to be so much genuine love going around on this set continues to be a warm fuzzy in my heart. Whedon assured us that all the "actor stereotypes" we've heard don't apply to this cast.

"You always hear movie stars, they're off camera, they stay in their trailers, these guys are so present," Whedon said. "You feel that in every take. It's so gratifying to know that there isn't a level at which they stop caring. I'm very grateful to be with those guys."

Now how do I score an invite to set so I can somehow become best friends with all of them too?

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