'Spider-Man' Villain Rhys Ifans Sees 'Moral' Bond Between Lizard And Spidey

Some of the most exciting news to come out of the Entertainment Weekly cover story on "The Amazing Spider-Man" was word that Rhys Ifans will be definitely be playing Dr. Curt Connors (otherwise known as the villain Lizard). So now that his identity is out there in the world, Ifans is ready to talk about it.

The "Notting Hill" and "Replacements" star caught up with MTV News before the big "Amazing Spider-Man" Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the movie, and he spilled the beans on how Curt will fit into the "Spider-Man" universe.

"Like all great villains, Curt Connors doesn’t see himself as a villain. He wants to save the world," he said.

Fans should find it unsurprising that he believes the Curt Connors/Lizard duality works as a good foil for Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

"In the same way as Peter is looking for his parents, Curt is looking to complete the circle in his life," Ifans explained. "They both dance to the tune of the same moral question."

All of the stars of "Amazing Spider-Man" had nothing but wonderful things to say about director Marc Webb, but Ifans in particular said he felt the "(500) Days of Summer" director brought something special to the movie that will separate it from the previous three films.

"The films that come before have been great but what makes the difference is Marc Webb has a forensic emotional eye, and so for all the flights and fancies that a superhero film delivers, inevitably there is a human domesticity to this that hopefully will make you believe the cinema," he said.

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