'Captain America': Five 'First Avenger' Easter Eggs

"Captain America: The First Avenger" puts the final piece of "The Avengers" puzzle in place for Marvel Studios, and just like its superhero peers, the star-spangled super soldier's big-screen debut contains plenty of secrets and comic book callouts that fans will love.

Watch the video for a list of five of the "First Avenger" Easter Eggs you'll find in the movie. I'm sure we missed a bunch of them, so if you caught any that we didn't see, head to the comments section and Twitter to let us know what you find!

The Cosmic Cube

"Cap" paves the road to "Avengers" even further with the appearance of the Cosmic Cube. We saw the Cube at the tail end of "Thor," and it has an even more important role to play in "Cap." Keep an eye out for at least two specific connections between this movie, "Thor" and the increasingly expansive Marvel movie universe.

The Winter Soldier

Fans of recent Marvel Comics lore know that James "Bucky" Barnes, played in the movie by Sebastian Stan, eventually goes on to become the sleeper assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He even gets a chance to wield the shield as Cap himself. No spoilers here, but let's just say Marvel Studios knows their comic book history — there are more than a few hints at Bucky's paneled page future in this one.

Arnim Zola

As I said in my "Captain America" review, Toby Jones does a fantastic job playing Dr. Arnim Zola. Red Skull's right hand man doesn't have the flashy appearance he boasts in the comics, but again, Marvel knows their stuff; the character's first appearance is an overt wink and nod to his comic book counterpart.


As we all know by now, Cap's main suit is somewhat modified from what we're used to in the comics, even if it's visually very similar. If you've been paying attention to production stills and clips, you're likely already aware that Cap has a bunch of other costumes that call back to uniforms he's worn over the years in the comics. If you haven't seen these clips and stills, then just go see the movie and surprise yourself with some of Cap's comics-referenced clothes!

"Captain America Comics" #1

That's right, the famous "Cap" cover gets a big, big shoutout in "The First Avenger." I won't tell you how it plays out, but suffice it to say, Joe Johnston found a very creative way for Steve Rogers to slug out Hitler.

Tell us which Easter Eggs you found in the comments section and on Twitter!