'Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser Poster: Spidey's Back!

Spider-ManThis is a big week for “The Amazing Spider-Man.” First we had the debut of a two and a half minute trailer, and now we can get a look at the official teaser poster for the film.

A Comic-Con attendee saw the new poster, took a picture and posted it at First Showing. When so many posters these days try to fit in a ton of characters and give you a layered feel of what to expect in the movie, this poster earns the title “teaser” for its simplicity.

In it, you get to see a closeup of Spider-Man’s costume. There’s lots of blue and red and a telltale spider is etched out in the middle. The only words on this poster are the necessary ones: “The Amazing Spider-Man” twice, and the release date: “Summer 2012.”

And as a reminder to fans out there: if you’re attending Comic-Con, don’t forget that Sony will be featuring all things Spidey tonight from 4 to 6:30 pm in Hall H. Part of Sony’s advertisement for the movie includes stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. It’s recommended that you try to get there early. You ought to be able to see more than just the new poster!

This “Spider-Man” reboot is directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary.

What do you think of “The Amazing Spider-Man” teaser poster? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!

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