'Avengers' Poster Reveals New Captain America Suit

The AvengersWe've seen it in briefly in production art, and now, you can see it in a brand new poster: the badass new costume that Captain America will be wearing in "The Avengers."

Marvel has released two new posters informing fans that your favorite superheroes have officially "assembled." And boy, they're not kidding: one poster centers on old reliable Iron Man, while the other focuses on this week's rising star, Steve Rogers himself.

Check out the full posters past the jump!

Let's look at Cap first. The costume is definitely faithful both to the comic book suits as well as the outfit he wears in "The First Avenger," but it's appropriately upgraded to blend in with his contemporary superhero allies. It looks like the fine handiwork of Stark Industries technology, too, with a sleek design that could likely withstand some serious damage, but not at the expense of the flexibility Cap's World War II era costume affords him.

As for the new Iron Man-centric poster… well, what more do you want me to say? It's Iron Man being Iron Man! Tony Stark always looks like a badass in his red and golds, and this newest "Avengers" poster is no exception.

Overall, very pleased with what I'm seeing here. If the finished product looks half as good as these concept art illustrations, then Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be in very good hands indeed.

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