EXCLUSIVE: 'Walking Dead' Season Two Photo!

"The Walking Dead" doesn't shamble onto television sets until October, but the flesh-hungry horde of undead walkers are feasting upon Comic-Con attendees as we speak. Not literally, of course, though the post-apocalyptic zombie horror series does have a huge presence at this year's show. But if you're not in San Diego right now and your mouth is watering for brains, we're happy to bring the "Walking Dead" Comic-Con goodness to you.

AMC has supplied us with this exclusive image from the second season of "The Walking Dead," showcasing Rick Grimes and his fellow zombie apocalypse survivors trekking through the blistering forested heat of Atlanta. He's not alone, thankfully: Daryl Dixon is leading the pack with his trusty crossbow in hand, while friendly faces Andrea, Carol, Glenn and Rick's wife Lori hang in the background.

No zombies to be seen yet -- emphasis on yet -- but we've already seen Rick bash in some undead brains in the previously released "Walking Dead" season two teaser, so the bloodletting can't be far behind. Fingers crossed that our heroes make it out okay through it all... though something tells me not to hold my breath on that point.

If this isn't enough "Walking Dead" action for you, and if you're at Comic-Con tomorrow, you're in luck: the cast and crew of AMC's smash hit series are holding a panel of their own in Ballroom 20 from 11:15 - 12:15pm. Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Andrew Lincoln and many more of the people responsible for making this show such a huge success will be on hand, so SDCC attendees won't want to miss it!

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