'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer Swings Into Action

Spider-Man bootleg no more! It's the real deal — the actual "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer has been caught in the web!

A day after the "Spider-Man" trailer leak comes the official version, giving you your first look at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in action as the heroic Peter Parker and love interest Gwen Stacy. There's teenage angst, brooding music and abandonment issues aplenty — oh, and a healthy dose of web-slinging, of course!

Not a whole lot gets revealed in this two and a half minute teaser, honestly, though it does give a good taste at the general shape of "The Amazing Spider-Man" and its story: in essence, it looks like we're going back to the beginning again. We see Peter in the lab getting bitten by a radioactive spider, though the details have changed; Emma's Gwen Stacy is a lab technician here, and Doctor Curt Connors — the eventually villainous Lizard played by Rhys Ifans — looks to work there as well, likely in a leadership role.

When it comes to shooting webs and crawling walls, however, the trailer is light on action… until the very end, that is. Even then, there's a twist: rather than watching Spidey swing across the New York City skyline, we're invited into the superhero's very own point of view as he leaps across tall buildings and scales skyscrapers with ease. It's an interesting choice, one that I'm sure will divide the fans, but I doubt that I'm alone in feeling hungrier than ever to see our friendly neighborhood webhead kick bad guy butt on the big screen again.

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