'Harry Potter' Director Telling 'Fables'?

FablesIf we were David Yates, and had just helmed “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” which just enjoyed the highest-grossing opening weekend in history, we’d probably kick back and make ourselves a well-deserved Dagwood. But presumably, that’s why we’re writing news blurbs and Yates is eying a number of new projects for Warner Bros., including an adaptation of the comic series “Fables.”

With the “Potter” money tree no longer bearing fruit (is that a good metaphor?), Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy and Peter Jackson’s Tolkein adaptations both drawing to a close and Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” far from a sure thing, the studio is searching for another hit franchise for Yates. Recently, the good folks of New York Magazine’s Vulture blog laid out some of the possibilities.

It’s been rumored that the director will take on anything from a series based upon Stephen King’s “The Stand,” to “Cicero,” a Tom Hardy-starring Al Capone flick, or series of flicks. What has us most excited, however, is the possibility that Yates might bring his sensibilities to the Vertigo series “Fables.”

Created by writer Bill Willingham and mostly drawn by Mark Buckingham, the multiple Eisner Award-winning series also features art by Steve Leialoha, Bryan Talbot, P. Craig Russell, Mike Allred and others, with over 80 stunning covers by James Jean. The book’s conceit, that all of the characters from your favorite fairy tales live in modern-day New York City, sounds silly at first, but Willingham & Co. have imbued their stories with a shocking amount of depth and characterization. This has led to the book being one of Vertigo’s most reliable titles, and heir apparent to the “Sandman” throne when it comes to graphic novel juggernauts, all of which seemingly makes it a natural fit for a new film franchise from the director of some of the most successful fantasy movies of all time.

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