'Amazing Spider-Man': Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy Is 'Different' From Comics

by Michael Steinkirchner

With an updated plot and a brand new cast, director Marc Webb’sThe Amazing Spider-Man” is no stranger to change. And although this latest Spidey installment won’t swing and sling its way into theaters until next summer, Emma Stone has already nervously revealed some of the details surrounding the highly anticipated Marvel reboot and her character Gwen Stacy.

“Not to freak anybody out, but she’s maybe a little bit different in the movie than she is in the comics, maybe,” the “Easy A” star told MTV News during the "Crazy Stupid Love" junket in New York City last weekend.

While this news may have some comic book movie fans collectively shaking their heads (and wondering what exactly she means by "different"), the actress has nonetheless taken her role seriously, as she described her preparation: “We were lucky we got to rehearse. Most of my scenes are with Andrew [Garfield], so Andrew and I would rehearse with Marc Webb the director a fair amount. I read a comprehensive book on the Stacys, and a few of the comics.”

She recently returned to her naturally blond roots to take on the role of Peter Parker’s first love interest, but even Stone herself has not yet seen the finished result. “I’ve seen the trailer, I thought it was pretty cool but maybe I’m a little bit biased, contractually. I’m pretty excited about it and I think they’re going to be showing a little footage from the movie at Comic-Con.”

All things considered, the film is shaping up to be a fresh take on the popular story. If Webb’s directorial debut “500 Days of Summer” is any indicator, audiences everywhere will be treated to a refreshingly unique revision when “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits theaters July 3, 2012. And if fans have to trust someone with the legacy of the endearing web-slinger, who better than a man named Webb?

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