New 'Dredd' Photo: Karl Urban Is The Law

DreddAfter playing Éomer in the “Lord of the Rings” movies and Dr. Bones McCoy in “Star Trek,” you’d think that Karl Urban would have built up enough geek credit to see the Kiwi actor through the rest of his career. But Urban is further shoring up his pop culture pedigree by starring in the 2012 film “Dredd.”

We’ve known since last year that Urban will be playing Judge Dredd in the 2012 adaptation of the legendary “2000 AD” property, but now, via the good folks at Bleeding Cool, comes an awesome look at Urban all suited up and ready to adjudicate.

Check it out after the jump!

Stateside, Dredd is best known from the abysmal 1995 movie starring a better-than-everyone-says-he-was Sylvester Stallone and an as-bad-or-worse-than-everyone-says-he-was Rob Schneider. In the United Kingdom and amongst Anglophile comics fans, however, Judge Dredd is still a revered character, with an expansive mythology and supporting cast.

Created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra back in 1977, Dredd is more or less a futuristic “Dirty Harry” on a motorcycle, which when done well, is about as awesome as it sounds. As opposed to the “who gives a turkey” nature of the 1995 film, the upcoming “Dredd” is said to adhere much more closely to the tone of the comics, with Wagner even signing on board as a consultant.

“Dredd” is written by Alex Garland, who has penned the screenplays for “28 Days Later,” “Sunshine” and others and is being directed by Pete Travis. The film is set to be released in 2012, and no, sorry ladies, Urban won’t be taking the helmet off.

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