More 'Walking Dead' Season 2 Zombie Preview Goodness!

Well isn't this a fun week for fans of "The Walking Dead"?

First, earlier this week AMC announced that they will air a special sneak peek of season two during this Sunday's season premiere of their acclaimed and award-winning show "Breaking Bad." Now comes a second behind-the-scenes video featuring special effects make-up designer, Greg Nicotero, wherein he talks about creating that big-eyed zombie we've seen in teasers for the new season.

Nicotero explains in the video that the striking, long haired she-zombie basically came to be by accident.

"When we started shooting on the freeway one of our extras was this girl named Ashley," Nicotero recalls in the video. "She had great eyes, really big, long hair and a really neat face. We put contact lenses in her and gave her this silicon prosthetic piece when she opened up her eyes really wide, it just looked so strange, I remember calling Frank [Darabont] over and saying, 'Look how cool she looks!"

The effects artist went on to say that a set photographer happened to be on set that day and snapped a shot of Ashley in costume with a wide lens. That photo, thanks to just a bit of distortion, is what has become the great teaser for season two.

"Those are her eyes," Nicotero promises. "There was no retouching or CGI or anything."

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