'Cowboys And Aliens' Releases Featurette, Second Clip

Cowboys and Aliens” will hit theaters before the month is over, and a second clip and a featurette have been released to help get you in the mood.

Originally posted over at Superhero Hype, the clip is pretty self-explanatory when you watch it, and mainly shows Daniel Craig on horseback chasing an alien ship.

The featurette gets more to the meat of the matter and discusses the movie.

“The classic form of both the alien movie and the Western, bring them together and create something new and exciting?” says director Jon Favreau. “As a director that image was very, very compelling.”

“I thought, ‘What a fantastic movie,’ ” says star Daniel Craig. “I’d love to see this movie.”

Harrison Ford also expresses his appreciation of the film. “Here’s an opportunity to take advantage of the humanity of the Western and then pull into it a sense of contemporary interests. Sort of a genius concept.”

“What’s happened to the Western is it’s gotten absorbed into other genres,” continues Favreau. “You know, if you think about ‘Star Wars,’ what they did in a very clever way was borrow all the iconography of the West, and then update it with science fiction.”

“I’m sure it’s been played out millions of times in kids’ bedrooms with their own toys,” adds actress Olivia Wilde.

“Cowboys and Aliens” will be released on July 29.

What did you think of the clip and the featurette? Are you interested in seeing “Cowboys and Aliens”? Did you play games like that when you were a kid? (Or do you still now?) Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!

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