'Sherlock Holmes' Director Back On For 'Sgt. Rock'?

sgtrockGuy Ritchie has been busy with directing the “Sherlock Holmes” sequel, "A Game of Shadows,” but he might already have his next project on his plate... and it's a blast from the past on more than one level.

According to Twitch Film, Ritchie is once again being courted by Warner Brothers for a film version of “Sgt. Rock.” We say "once again" because Ritchie was previously attached to the project before "I Am Legend" director Francis Lawrence replaced him.

"Sgt. Rock" is about an infantry officer in World War II. With “Captain America: The First Avenger” about to be released, it seems possible that Captain America’s World War II action might influence the creation of this movie.

The World War II part was an issue before. There was some talk about making the movie futuristic, but it seems that won’t be the case. The current draft of the screenplay does indeed take place during World War II, according to Twitch Film, and Ritchie is already reportedly going over the script.

If the latest news is accurate (and we'll caution you to wait until further confirmation before fully committing this to the fact column), then the "Sherlock Holmes" director may very well bring the DC Comics icon to the big screen, in the time period his most faithful fans have been hoping for.

Are you interested in seeing a movie version of “Sgt. Rock”? Have you seen any of the films Guy Ritchie has directed, and, if so, do you think he would be the ideal director for this film? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!