'MTV First: Captain America': We Want Your Questions!

Captain AmericaThere's only two weeks left to go before "Captain America: The First Avenger" throws his mighty shield at the big-screen, putting the last piece of the Marvel Studios "Avengers" puzzle in place before next summer's major event. To celebrate, we're bringing you "MTV First: Captain America," an exclusive sit-down interview with the man behind the star-spangled superhero himself, Chris Evans.

On Thursday (July 14) at 7:56 PM EST, Chris will join MTV News' Josh Horowitz on MTV and MTV.com to debut an exclusive new clip from "The First Avenger." Immediately after the on-air premiere, the interview will continue for 30 minutes online, answering questions about playing Marvel's most patriotic superhero from both Josh and the fans.

How do you get involved? We're glad you asked! All you have to do is submit your questions through MTV.com or by tweeting @MTVNews using the hash-tag #AskChris. You can also upload 20 to 30-second videos at Your MTV to get your questions to Chris.

Want to know what it was like going toe-to-toe against Red Skull? What differentiates this superhero from the other comic book roles Chris has had in the past? And perhaps the biggest question of them all: how is he faring now that he's officially a member of "The Avengers"? Whatever you want to know, we want to know it too! So start tweeting your questions and get ready for our one-on-one with Cap!

Send your questions for "MTV First: Captain America" to @MTVNews using #AskChris!