The Next 'Star Trek,' 'Green Lantern' And 'Harry Potter' In Today's Twitter Report

Green LanternAre you getting a little impatient waiting to find out what's up with J.J. Abrams' second "Star Trek" film? Well, Simon Pegg says you need to be patient. He won't say what's up, but he's sure that the gears are busy behind the scenes.

Something you aren't likely to see in theaters, meanwhile (unfortunately, because I'd go see this), is a "Green Lantern" movie starring Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. I'm not sure this would have to be a Hal Jordan or Guy Gardner story, but if a ring happened to fall into the plot of "Kick-Ass 2," it could be fun. Mintz-Plasse pondered such developments last night. See the retweet for yourself and check out some Harry Potter marketing confusion down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for July 7, 2011.

@simonpegg Please be patient about the next Star Trek. No one's twiddling their thumbs. These things take a little prep. Warp speed ain't always apt.

-Simon Pegg, Actor ("Star Trek," "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn")

@hopelarson Just happened across a review that described a prose novel as "like a graphic novel without the pictures". URGH. Ignorant. Annoying.

-Hope Larson, Writer/Artist ("Salamander Dream," "Chiggers")

@jpalmiotti Saw the latest pirates movie and it was just horrible. Boring, dull and lifeless. No one warned me.

-Jimmy Palmiotti, Writer ("Jonah Hex," "Painkiller Jane")

"Green Lantern" pt. 1: @ChloeGMoretz #GreenLantern...uh well, it was cool

-Chloe Moretz, Actress ("Kick-Ass")

"Green Lantern" pt. 2: @MintzPlasse @ChloeGMoretz it would have been better if you played Ryan Reynolds and I was Blake Lively.

-Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Actor ("Kick-Ass")

@badmachinery Whenever I see the Harry Potter "HP7" posters I think it's an advert for Hewlett Packard. Every time. Total branding disaster.

-John Allison, Writer/Artist ("Scary Go Round," "Bad Machinery")

@marksable No offense to the talent involved in the relaunch, but DCU doesn't feel the same w/out @JamesDRobinson or @MarkWaid

-Mark Sable, Writer ("Two-Face: Year One," "Fearless")

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