Warner Brothers Debunks 'Green Lantern' Sequel Report

DESCWell, maybe saying that “Green Lantern 2" was moving forward was jumping the gun a bit. A new report indicates that rumors of the franchise's continuation have been greatly exaggerated.

After The Hollywood Reporter initially stated that Warner Brothers was going ahead with a sequel despite the film's less-than-stellar opening, the outlet has revised its report with word from a studio spokesperson who said the company has not officially decided on a sequel.

No surprise here: a lot of it boils down to money. “Green Lantern” took about $200 million to make, plus marketing costs around $175 million to advertise it both domestically and internationally. The report cites an unnamed source as saying that, in total, Warner Brothers shoveled out more than $400 million to get the ring-wielding superhero on the big screen.

While the show is not over yet, it’s looking doubtful the movie will bring in enough to cover these costs.

However, Warner Brothers has advertised it so much that it may behoove them to make a sequel — if they learn from the mistakes they made in the first movie. A sequel could tie-in with all the company has done with “Green Lantern” toys, merchandise, and even the new cartoon.

Right now, Warner Brothers has to look at the overall picture — including how much money they’ll generate from the first movie in order to get a go-ahead for the second.

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