'100 Bullets' To Become Showtime TV Series

DESCThe comic book series “100 Bullets” may have ended its ten-year run in 2009, but it could have new life in the form of a television series.

Deadline is reporting that David S. Goyer will write and executive produce the series for Showtime. Warner Brothers TV will also be producing.

Brian Azzarello, who wrote the "100 Bullets" comic book series, previously alluded to a possible cable television adaptation when speaking to MTV News in 2009, saying, “Television -- there's an idea! That's all I'll say. Television... or maybe something that's not just TV."

Two years later, we’re closer to seeing that become a reality.

To say Goyer has worked with comic book adaptations before is putting it lightly. In the world of Batman, he co-wrote “Batman Begins,” and co-wrote the story of “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Turning to Superman, he wrote the story and screenplay for the yet-to-be-released “Man of Steel” reboot of the film franchise. In addition to this, he wrote all three “Blade” movies and helmed the third one as director.

Now he has his eye on the gritty “100 Bullets,” in which people are given a gun and 100 untraceable bullets so they can kill someone who wronged them, if they so choose.

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