'Green Lantern' Easter Eggs: Five Things To Look For This Weekend!

"Green Lantern" brings its emerald glow to theaters this weekend, and just like so many other projects making the leap from page to screen, it's packed with call-outs to its comic book source material.

As we've done in the past with "X-Men: First Class" and "Thor," here's a spoiler-free breakdown of five hidden (and not-so-hidden) things to look for when you check out "Green Lantern."

Just in case you aren't able to watch the video, here's a roundup of what you missed...


In the Green Lantern comics, Carol Ferris eventually gains powers similar to Hal's and becomes a supervillain known as Star Sapphire. You can see the Star Sapphire symbol on Carol's flight helmet early in the film.


Amanda Waller, the government agent played by Angela Bassett in the film, isn't just a throwaway character. In the DC Comics universe, she's a hard-nosed character who's made it her mission to keep super-powered beings in check by any means necessary, and has connections to a lot of the other superhero and supervillain teams around the DC Universe. If Warner Bros. wanted their own version of Marvel's Nick Fury or Agent Coulson to tie films together, she'd be a good option.


Sure, you know Sinestro, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog, but did you see Bzzd, Galius Zed, Stel, and Isamot Kol? What about Ch'P? (Okay, Ch'P isn't actually in there...)


Green Lantern comic fans should recognize that symbol burning within the yellow energy — it's the sign of Yellow Lantern Corps, and hints at some of the troubling things to come for the Green Lantern Corps.


Make sure to stay through the credits after "Green Lantern," because there's a pretty great scene that comics fans will love. I won't spoil it here, but let's just say it sets things up nicely for the next film, and offers a great peek at things to come for Hal Jordan and the Corps.

There are lots more to find, so let us know about the "Green Lantern" Easter Eggs you discover in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!

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