'Green Lantern' Stars Talk Sequels And What Needs To Happen In 'Green Lantern 2'

With just about every comic book movie hitting theaters these days, it's hard not to wonder about studios' over-arching plans for characters with rich histories like Green Lantern, who's making his big-screen debut next week.

When MTV News recently sat down with "Green Lantern" stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, we asked them how much they know about the in-development script for "Green Lantern 2" and what it it might involve for their characters.

"I'm pretty aware [of the 'Green Lantern 2' story]," Reynolds told MTV News.

"Really? They don't tell me anything," added Lively. "This is awkward."

Even though he's "pretty aware" of the plan for "Green Lantern 2," Reynolds wasn't spilling any details — especially when it comes to the good/bad status of Lively's character, Carol Ferris. In the comics world, Hal Jordan's on-and-off lover eventually assumes the mantle of Star Sapphire, a powerful being with powers similar to the Green Lantern Corps — but with very different motives.

"I'm not throwing that out there at all," said Reynolds.

"There's such a rich history with this character, so you get really excited about the possibility [for a sequel]," he added. "The inevitable war between Hal and Sinestro is something that will have to be dealt with in the second movie for sure, but there's always subplots and a lot of other interesting things going on that are setting up a possible third film, so..."

"Like the war between Star Sapphire and..." interjected Lively.

"Oh, I was talking about Pokemon and Pikachu, but yes, that one as well," joked Reynolds.

"Green Lantern" hits theaters June 17.

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