Assembled 'Avengers' Cast Is 'Everything Everyone's Imagined... But Better,' Says Tom Hiddleston

This is shaping up to be a week of delightful chats with dreamy "Avengers" actors for yours truly. First, MTV News snagged some fun "Avengers" details from Captain America himself, Chris Evans at the Movie Awards on Sunday, and yesterday I happened upon a surprising, but welcome attendee at the "Super 8" premiere: actor Tom Hiddleston, a.k.a. Loki.

So, given Evans' earlier assessment of the "Avengers" cast in costume, what does Asgard's chief mischief-maker think of seeing the superhero team assembled?

"I've seen everybody in costume. What was it like? It's great," he laughed. "It's everything everyone has been imagining except it's better."

"It's funny how everybody looks so entirely iconic in their own individual way, and then together there's a whole different level of iconography," he continued. "It really is happening . . . It's very exciting."

Since Evans had mentioned that the cast was hanging out together around Albuquerque, I asked Hiddleston if, given the fact that his character is the villain and all, he suffered any sort of hazing from his "good guy" cast mates.

"If only there were," he laughed. "I have not been excluded from the group party. I'm in the fold. I'm in the fold of the family."

"The Avengers" hits theaters in 2012.

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