'Deadpool' Movie Will Be 'Pretty Nasty' With Smaller Budget, Says Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds will make his debut as Hal Jordan next week in "Green Lantern," but for the Marvel-inclined masses, there's another upcoming Reynolds role that's foremost on their minds: mouthy mercenary Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool.

During the press junket for "Green Lantern," MTV News made sure to ask Reynolds about the status of Deadpool's solo film, which recently snagged visual-effects veteran Tim Miller as its director.

"I love Tim," Reynolds told MTV News. "Tim is someone who we all vetted through and through. He's a guy who captures the spirit of it, and he's also an incredible visual artist."

"He was also the first guy we met who came up with a huge presentation for it," he added. "That was something I hope to able to show you at some point."

Reynolds added one more comment about Miller's attachment to the project that could shed some light on the type of film "Deadpool" is likely to be. Basically, if you're hoping for a massive, budget-busting blockbuster, you might want to adjust your expectations.

"Also, Tim came cheap, which helped as well," said Reynolds. "In order to do this movie the way we want to do it is pretty nasty, and pretty hard. You can't exactly have a $200 million budget when you want to do a movie like this."

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