Why Emma Stone Should've Watched 'Rear Window' Before Filming 'Amazing Spider-Man'

While "Green Lantern," "Captain America," and "X-Men: First Class" were all represented in a big way at this year's MTV Movie Awards, those weren't the only comic book movies to have a presence at the big show. "Easy A" actress Emma Stone also made an appearance to present an award — and win one — fresh off the set of "The Amazing Spider-Man."

"We actually just wrapped," Stone told MTV News of the upcoming reboot of the "Spider-Man" movie franchise.

Just in case you haven't been following along at home, Stone joined the cast of "Amazing Spider-Man" back in October 2010 in an unspecified role. Many were quick to assume she'd be playing Mary Jane Watson, but her role was eventually revealed to be that of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love.

When we caught her during the Movie Awards, we asked her what advice she'd give herself if she could go back in time before "Spider-Man" filming began.

"[I'd] probably [tell myself to] watch 'Rear Window' and watch Jimmy Stewart react for an entire movie, and figure out if you're able to do that same thing," she said, citing the heavy use of green screens and special effects such a film involves. "Reacting to nothing is tougher than you think. I've never had to do that before. Usually you're sort of ping-ponging with people."

"It's difficult for me, but maybe that's just me," she laughed.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" hits theaters in 2012.

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