E3 News, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Praise, And LeBron James In Today's Twitter Report

Pirates of the CaribbeanE3 brought bucketfuls of new video game-related announcements this week, including a new Nintendo console and prices for Sony's new handheld system. Some terrible E3-vicinity news showed up last night from Marc Bernardin, though, and it sounds like someone ran off with his laptop. We at Splash Page hope the perpetrator meets with some justice posthaste.

More "X-Men: First Class" commentary continued pouring in as well. Down below you'll find Mark Millar's take, as well as an unabashed show of appreciation for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and observations about LeBron James.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for June 8, 2011.

@cameronMstewart Just saw Pirates 4. Like the preceding ones I kind of recognize that it's a bad movie but I enjoy the cast and imagery so much I don't care

-Cameron Stewart, Writer/Artist ("Batman and Robin," "Sin Titulo")

@marcbernardin Tonight was lovely, catching up with friends in town for E3...until my car was broken into and my laptop was stolen. #FFFFF--------------!

-Marc Bernardin, Writer ("The Highwaymen," "The Authority")

@Paul_Cornell Just been chatting to @GailSimone Encouraging her to write a novel. We all want that, don't we, children?

-Paul Cornell, Writer ("Action Comics," "Knight and Squire")

@ChrisEliopoulos Considering I've not seen Mad Men or X-Men: First Class, is January Jones really THAT bad an actress? Sounds like it reading tweets.

-Chris Eliopoulos, Artist/Writer/Letterer ("Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," "Misery Loves Sherman")

@mrmarkmillar Really loved X-Men again last night. Fassbender needs to be new James Bond, new Batman and anything else he wants. Best new talent in ages.

-Mark Millar, Writer ("Kick-Ass," "Wanted")

@RyanOttley Also, saw X-men last night. That was awesome. More please. Fave parts was the Magneto stuff. So good!

-Ryan Ottley, Artist ("Invincible," "Haunt")

@robertliefeld Can we stop this nonsense about LeBrick James. He is a huge poser, posing as a clutch talent when he has none. 8 pts. On 3-11

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Youngblood")

@KatzMoney After this game can we please once and for all end the comparisons between LeBron James and Michael Jordan? It's not even close.

-Jeff Katz, Writer/Producer ("Booster Gold," "Freddy vs Jason vs Ash")

@DanSlott "Twitter" is trending on Twitter. It's like a 140 characters dancing along a Möbius strip.

-Dan Slott, Writer ("Amazing Spider-Man," "Avengers: The Initiative")

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