Chris Evans Likes What He's Seen Of 'Captain America,' But Remains 'Apprehensive'

Captain America: The First Avenger” will be hitting theaters next month, and star Chris Evans still hasn’t seen the final product. What he has seen impresses him, though — but he’s careful not to weigh in on the final product too early.

“I’ve seen quite a good amount [of the movie]," Evans told MTV News.

After we pointed out that he seemed pretty confident about the movie, the actor joked about the difficulty of balancing his impressions of the film and public perception.

“You seem like an arrogant dick,” he joked about himself.

Showing that he’s not actually arrogant about it, Evans confessed to being a little nervous, especially since he hasn’t seen what the movie will look like in the end.

“You know, I like what I saw,” he said. “I like everything I’ve seen. But, you know, I’m always apprehensive.”

“Until the movie comes out, until the final product is really cut together, you know, I’m nervous,” he admitted. “But, like I said, everything I’ve seen, I really love.”

“Captain America: The First Avenger” hits theaters on July 22.

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