Ryan Reynolds Compares 'Green Lantern' To 'Star Wars'

With the summer of the superhero movies currently underway, MTV News has been asking the films' cast and creative teams what makes their movies stand out from the rest. Speaking to Ryan Reynolds at the MTV Movie Awards, we got his take on the uniqueness of "Green Lantern."

When asked what separates his movie from the rest of the pack, Reynolds replied, “For me, what attracted me to it most was the space-epic nature of it. I just loved that you had this film that was an origin story, that’s not really starting in the third act like a lot of them do.”

Reynolds compared his upcoming debut as Hal Jordan with another well-known, space-based movie franchise, saying "Green Lantern " has "that 'Star Wars' feel.”

“I grew up with movies like that,” he said. “I love movies like that. So just to be part of it was mind-boggling.”

“Green Lantern” hits theaters in 2-D and 3-D on June 17.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ryan Reynolds in “Green Lantern”? What do you think of Reynolds' comparison to "Star Wars"? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!

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