'Green Lantern' Star Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Abin Sur Is 'Going Commando'

With "Green Lantern" hitting theaters in just a few weeks, there's no time like the present to get acquainted with ring-wielding hero Hal Jordan and his supporting cast.

During the MTV Movie Awards, "Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds took a little time to introduce the props from the upcoming film that made cameos on the red carpet.

"That's Abin Sur," Reynolds said of the corpse of Hal's predecessor, the purple-skinned Green Lantern whose ring finds its way to Hal's finger. "I don't think he's going to make it."

"I can give you an exclusive right now: under this blanket he's going commando," joked Reynolds.

All funny business aside, Reynolds offered a quick refresher course for anyone wondering about the other "Green Lantern" prop on the red carpet.

"In the movie 'Green Lantern,' this is in fact the lantern," he explained. "This is the lantern my character Hal Jordan uses to power his ring, which in turn powers his suit and allows him to make feats that are beyond human understanding..."

"Green Lantern" hits theaters June 17.

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