'X-Men' Star James McAvoy Teaches Interviewing 101 In 'After Hours: Movie Awards Edition'

Here's a hint for fans of actor James McAvoy: he doesn't want you to ask him which superpower he'd love to have.

That's the mistake MTV Movies' Josh Horowitz made in the latest edition of After Hours. During an interview with McAvoy for "X-Men: First Class," Horowitz made the terrible faux pas, prompting an arduous quest to improve his interview skills.

Step One: Hit the gym.

Horowitz began his training regimen alongside the new Charles Xavier at the local gym. Apparently, the path to becoming a better interviewer involves push-ups, punching bags, and having McAvoy go "inside" him.

"I'm contacting you," McAvoy said while simulating Charles Xavier's telepathic powers. "Can you feel me inside of you?"

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