'Green Lantern' Props Rock The Red Carpet!

Hal Jordan's "Green Lantern" predecessor Abin Sur is everywhere these days. He started his tour de force at San Diego Comic-Con, popped up again in the comics recently (in "Green Lantern" #64), and he makes regular appearances in many of the "Green Lantern" trailers — and now he's at the MTV Movie Awards, too!

In case you haven't been glued to MTV for our Movie Awards pre-show, you just missed yet another Abin Sur sighting on our very own red carpet, plus the actual Green Lantern used to power up Hal's ring (as well as Captain America's shield and a HYDRA motorcycle).

Green Lantern

Similarly to how he was displayed at SDCC, the fallen Green Lantern Corps member (played by "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" alum Temuera Morrison) is lying in the coffin-like escape pod that brought him to Earth.

And if Abin Sur's slightly eerie Movie Awards presence isn't enough to satisfy your "Green Lantern"-related cravings, MTV also managed to score the powerful lantern that Hal relies upon to charge his ring.

You can click on the image above to check out our full gallery of MTV Movie Awards red carpet photos, updated all night from the big show!

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