'X-Men: First Class' Mutants 'Feel Like Real People' Says James McAvoy

You could call this “The Summer of the Superhero,” but that doesn’t mean that all the superhero movies will be alike. MTV News spoke with “X-Men: First Class” stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to learn what makes their movie different (besides the fact it’s not in 3-D).

“I think that the X-Men, X-People, mutants . . . They use their powers for good just like a superhero does but they don’t feel like superheroes," said McAvoy. "They feel like real people more, I think.”

“I think the philosophy of it as well, you know, the whole idea of alienation, misfits in society,” Fassbender added. “And how they struggle to be accepted and to find a place for them in society. I think that’s a universal theme. That’s why people across the world find them intriguing.”

James Bond was brought up, and if Bond inspired the movie in any way, particularly the portrayal of Magneto.

“Well, I just saw it as an opportunity to do a really elaborate James Bond audition,” Fassbender joked. “One always has to worry about the next job, you see, that’s the problem.”

Joking aside, Fassbender said that while director Matthew Vaughn did reference Bond, it didn’t affect Fassbender’s portrayal.

“I just really concentrated on what was in the comic books,” the actor said. “The biography available in the comic books, it was so dense that I was spoiled for choice really to go away and really just create this sort of Machiavellian character.”

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