'X-Men: First Class' Cast Talks Sequel Possibilities And Character Arcs

"X-Men: First Class" hits theaters next week, but if the rave reviews are any indication, this probably won't be the last we'll see of the film's cast and the mutants they portray.

During the "X-Men: First Class" junket, MTV News asked the cast how they'd like to see their characters evolve in a second film, given the chance to come back for a sequel. Some of their answers make mention of one or two plot points, so here's your SPOILER WARNING — just in case.

"I think that as much as this is a story about superheroes and stuff like that, you can't paper over the fact that he's just been made significantly physically disabled and you need to address that," said James McAvoy of how he sees Charles Xavier's story arc developing in a "First Class" sequel.

"At the beginning of this film, Charles is in a very different place from where he is in the other movies, and by the end of the third movie, you want to see him being quite like Patrick Stewart," he added. "But in the second movie you want to see him go through the crucible — you want to see him really walk through the fire to get to that place."

Of course, losing the use of his legs isn't the only physical change Charles Xavier must undergo before becoming the character most familiar to fans.

"He has to go through one more metamorphosis and he has to be really tested," said McAvoy. "He's got to lose the hair at some point. We have to come up with some cool, plot-driven way."

"I have an idea for that: I think Magneto sneaks in, helmet and all, one night when you're sleeping and just shaves off your head and eyebrows and leaves a little 'M' mark," joked Michael Fassbender.

As for Emma Frost, actress January Jones has some ideas about the plot points her character should explore in a second film, too.

"There's no script written obviously, but having done some research in the comics, there's a relationship between Emma Frost and Magneto characters so maybe they'll do something with that," she theorized.

"I'd like to see Alex come into the guy he was before he discovered his powers and accidentally kill a few people," said Lucas Till of Havok's potential future.

"I think the love story isn't fully explored between Charles and Moira [MacTaggert] in this first episode, so there's something definitely there," said Rose Byrne of her character's possible story arcs. "Whether perhaps they went off with other people and they were star-crossed lovers, or whether they did get together and it was a disaster, I think there is much more to be explored in that area."

"X-Men: First Class" hits theaters June 3.

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