'X-Men: First Class' Director Talks 3-D, Costume Choices, And Attracting A Female Audience

DESCThe release of “X-Men: First Class” is almost upon us, and director Matthew Vaughn explained in a recent interview why we won't be seeing the film in 3-D, how they chose the costumes, and his method for getting more women into the audience.

“I’m not a big fan of 3-D,” he told Hey U Guys. “I think 'Avatar' works for 3D, because they really shot and designed it . . . [Avatar director James] Cameron knows what 3D means, but the rest of these directors... You know when they do this post-conversion sh--, you can’t even... It cuts too quick.”

Vaughn said that he thought Hollywood was “cheapening the process” of 3-D, and it seems he didn’t want to be part of that.

He was, however, very much into the process of choosing the X-Men costumes to use in the film.

“It was fun to look at the comics, and see how the characters dressed, and give them to the costume designer and say, ‘take that blue and yellow thing and...’ No offense to Fox, but [the blue and yellow outfits] kept looking like Fantastic F--ing Four," he laughed. "We were like, 'We can’t have that.'"

“There’s a lot of great stuff in the early '60s X-Men comics, we had that everywhere, all the panels of how they looked, how they dressed,” he went on. “Sammy [Sheldon] is a brilliant costume designer, and she just managed to make it fit into the real world.”

Vaughn also wants the movie to appeal to more women and is trying to make it work with the “Take That” song.

“I think there’s a lot for women to enjoy in this film," he said. "Remember 'Armageddon' [and] the Aerosmith song that got girls who probably wouldn’t have originally gone to see 'Armageddon' hearing there was a love song, and [saying], 'Oh, maybe there is something in the film?' . . . So it’s pure commerce, to be blunt, and I want women to see this film."

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