'Wanted' Producer Says There's Still Sequel Talk, Franchise Can Continue Without Angelina Jolie

Last we heard from the "Wanted" camp, plans for a sequel remained in limbo, without even star James McAvoy sure of the project's status.

With "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov currently hard at work on "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," MTV News made sure to ask his producing partner Jim Lemley whether a sequel to the 2008 hit starring McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman was still in the works.

"We still talk sometimes about 'Wanted 2,'" he told MTV News. "We want to try and continue that story because it's a very interesting one for us."

After Jolie made it clear that her character won't be returning for a sequel, many have wondered whether a second film can match the success of the original, which was a surprise hit at the box office.

"The reality is we love [Jolie] and we'd love to do it with her, but also that story has such a big idea behind it that it can also go on without her," said Lemley.

In the end, it sounds like "Wanted 2" could still be in play — but don't hold your breath waiting for the next round of bullet-bending action.

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