'Priest' Review Roundup: Critics Are Mixed On Latest Vampire Action Flick

PriestFROM MTV MOVIES: Long in development, shuffled schizophrenically from release date to release date and given a post-production conversion to 3-D, "Priest" is finally here. Critics, alas, haven't seemed to welcome its belayed arrival very warmly.

Based on a manhwa that never really connected with comics readers, the film has been dinged for its hackneyed dialogue and shallow story development. Yet "Priest" is not without its fans. Some reviewers have praised the movie's popcorn-action pleasures and starkly beautiful visual aesthetic. Weak reviews aside, the vampire flick finds itself facing off against a fanboy favorite in "Thor," and the God of Thunder (even in his second week in theaters), will easily vanquish the bloodsuckers of "Priest."

Read on for a deep dive into the reviews — the good, the bad and the ugly — of "Priest."

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