NBC's Pass On Wonder Woman And Neil Gaiman's 'Doctor Who' Episode In Today's Twitter Report

Doctor WhoWell, that "Wonder Woman TV show on NBC doesn't sound like it will be happening this time around, as the network has reportedly passed on the series. Depending on whose tweets you're reading, this is either good or bad for comics. Jeff Parker would like to see a different approach, and Mark Millar thinks it's a healthy sign. Sterling Gates, meanwhile, thinks the show could have been great.

One TV event we're all hoping will be great is that Neil Gaiman "Doctor Who" episode that's coming up this weekend. Gaiman, fellow "Who" writer Paul Cornell and Dave Gibbons chatted about that. Find out what kind of Ood Gibbons considers Cornell to be, and one change that Dan Slott spotted in "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for May 13, 2011.

@DanSlott Now, during TURN OFF, Uncle Ben is NOT killed by being run over by a car! The lesson here: Want something fixed? Use a comic book writer! :)

-Dan Slott, Writer ("Amazing Spider-Man," "Avengers: The Initiative")

Wonder Woman pt. 1: @jeffparker I want Wonder Woman to have a tv show again, but I want people to call her Wonder Woman. Not DIANA. Don't be embarrassed she's a super hero.

-Jeff Parker, Writer ("Agents of Atlas," "Dark Reign: The Hood")

Wonder Woman pt. 2: @jerhaun Looks like there won't be a Wonder Woman show anytime soon. As much as I'd love to see a good WW show, it's probably for the best.

-Jeremy Haun, Artist ("Detective Comics," "Berserker")

Wonder Woman pt. 3: @mrmarkmillar NBC cans Wonder Woman TV plans. No bad thing. We need a little quality control if H'wood is going to continue their love affair with comics.

-Mark Millar, Writer ("Kick-Ass," "Wanted")

Wonder Woman pt. 4: @sterlinggates Bummer the Wonder Woman pilot didn't get picked up. A new WW show could've been great in the long run.

-Sterling Gates, Writer ("Green Lantern Corps," "Supergirl")

@mbreitweiser Thor was good, but the 3D was nearly unwatchable. Only late show they had, though.

-Mitch Breitweiser, Artist ("Drax the Destroyer," "Captain America: The Chosen")

"Doctor Who" pt. 1: @neilhimself @davegibbons90 If the bar gets BBC 3, the Dr Who Confidential that follows is a cracker. Really one for the fans.

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("Sandman," "Miracleman")

"Doctor Who" pt. 2: @Paul_Cornell @neilhimself @davegibbons90 I suspect I'll pop back to my room to see the episode in the quiet.

-Paul Cornell, Writer ("Action Comics," "Knight and Squire")

"Doctor Who" pt. 3: @neilhimself @Paul_Cornell I hope you like it. More than anyone, I hope you like it. You were so instrumental in it having happened.

"Doctor Who" pt. 4: @Paul_Cornell @davegibbons90 @neilhimself I'll be Awkward Ood.

"Doctor Who" pt. 5: @davegibbons90 @Paul_Cornell @neilhimself I'll always think of you as the rood Ood.

-Dave Gibbons, Artist ("Watchmen," "Green Lantern")

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