After 'Smallville' Is Over, What's Next? Here Are Four Spinoffs We'd Love To See!

SmallvilleBy Benny Adams

If you’re a "Smallville" fanatic like me, you know that the show is finally coming to an end after ten seasons on The CW. And now that life without "Smallville" is a very real possibility, I can't help but wonder, "What's next?"

What comics-based series is there to watch after "Smallville" is over? Where will I be able to get my fix?

With that question in mind, I've come up with my own list of "Smallville" spinoffs that could fill the void left by this amazing show.


1. GREEN ARROW: Of course, this would be the most obvious choice for a potential spinoff. Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow, has evolved into one of the main characters on "Smallville," and is already pretty popular in the DC Comics universe. A "Green Arrow" series could take fans to the famous Star City, where we see how a superhero with no superpowers deals with ongoing challenges. The show could also feature the return of popular villain Slade Wilson, and the debut of sidekicks Red Arrow and Speedy.


2. SUPERBOY: Connor Kent, a.k.a. Superboy, was introduced in Season 10 of "Smallville" and was revealed to be a clone who possesses the DNA of both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. A "Superboy" series could follow Connor as he tries to live up to the standards of Superman and struggles with the combination of good (Superman) and evil (Lex) inside of him. The series would definitely have a darker feel to it, and could even introduce the Teen Titans.


3. SUPERGIRL: Honestly, who wouldn’t want to see Laura Vandervoort on television more often? A "Supergirl" series would be awesome as Kara Zor-El tries to make her own name as Supergirl in Metropolis, and fights against the likes of Darkseid and the infamous Granny Goodness.


4. THE JUSTICE LEAGUE: I can dream, right? But seriously, how great would it be to watch a series about the Justice League? Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter all on one television screen? It would be superhero heaven. The series could focus on a variety of storylines for our heroes, building up their solo adventures and introducing many new villains.

Which "Smallville" spinoff would you most want to see? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!