'The Walking Dead' Season Two 'Gets A Little More Hardcore,' Says Norman Reedus

There's still no official premiere date for Season Two of "The Walking Dead," but we're not alone in eagerly anticipating the return of Rick Grimes and his gang of zombie-fearing survivors. So when the opportunity for an update presents itself, well... we'll take all the info we can get.

MTV News recently snagged some time with "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus to discuss his role in Lady Gaga's new video, "Judas." Sure, we asked him about all the music stuff, but what about the zombie-killin' stuff?

"We actually got pushed a little bit forward," said Reedus of the show's shooting schedule. "I leave for 'The Walking Dead' in a little less than two weeks, which is why I just chopped all of my hair off and I'm getting back into redneck mode."

Reedus, who plays crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon in the series, said he's been a bit more in the loop with the show this season — and he likes what he's heard.

"Season Two is going to be dope," he said. "They actually let me talk to some of the people I don't usually get to talk to, and I've heard some stories about what's going to go down. I'm really excited to get back to it."

According to Reedus, much of this season's shooting will take place "just south of Atlanta" instead of the city proper.

"We're in the woods this time," he explained. "The first season we did the city ... but this time we're in the country. I think it gets a little more hardcore this season."

Of course, Reedus was quick to clam up when we asked for any more details about his character's arc in the second season of the hit series.

"I think I have a little bit of hero stuff coming, which I'm excited about," he hinted. "If I tell you more than that, I'll probably get bit by a zombie the first day I get down there."

Pressed for more info, he debunked one popular rumor making the rounds the last few months. According to speculation, Daryl's brother Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) could return next season as one of the well-known characters from the comic, The Governor.

"I do know that my brother is not The Governor," he said. "That I can say, because I've heard Frank [Darabont] say it."

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