Kat Dennings Reveals What She Took Home From 'Thor'

Although I haven't seen all of her films, I always enjoy chatting with Kat Dennings because she's funny, charming, and very down-to-earth — especially during interviews. I experienced this second-hand at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, when she and her "Thor" co-star Natalie Portman entertained the MTV News studio with giggles, tons of energy, and a moment of group harmonizing with MTV Splash Page editor Rick Marshall. The singing video has since gone missing, but this is a great example of how fun it was. (Ed. Note: I didn't steal the tape so I can watch it on a daily basis. Nope. -Rick)

This week is all about the god of thunder, so when I caught up with Dennings during the "Thor" press junket, I asked her about providing much of the film's comedic relief and whether she brought anything home from the set.

"I knew [the one-liners I had] were funny, but I didn’t realize the weight of the humor," she said, with a mock haughty toss of her hair. "I got so lucky, I’m so lucky to be in this, and I got some fun stuff."

As for what she kept from the filmmaking experience, Dennings revealed she coveted a curious item from the New Mexico set's library.

"I took a book from the library in our town. It’s the most amazing book I’ve ever seen, it’s called 'Wolfling,'" she said. "It’s a real book and I would read excerpts of it to Joshua Dallas (a.k.a. Fandral) on our down time. It was pretty much my favorite thing to do, so I had to have it and they let me have it."

I believe this is the book in question, by Gordon R. Dickson, which I promised Dennings I would check out immediately.

"It’s worth it," she said of reading the book aloud. "You have to do it dead serious and in an English accent, just trust me."

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