Kenneth Branagh On 'Thor' Casting: 'We Needed It All'

While "Thor" may be his 12th feature-length movie behind the camera, Kenneth Branagh admitted to being a little overwhelmed at first about how he would get started.

Speaking with MTV News, he recently explained how he handled one of the most important early tasks in the project: casting the main character.

“The film rises or falls with the casting of Thor,” he told MTV News.

And it wasn’t an easy process. There were thousands of tapes with talented men trying out, the filmmaker indicated.

“You’re trying to be realistic about the fact that it’s unlikely on something like this that someone walks in the door and you go, ‘That’s it,’” Branagh said.

Speaking of the actor who snagged the role, Branagh said of Chris Hemsworth, "[He] has a great body, but it’s a surface body which he then sort of resculpted into something that could be the god of thunder.”

So what was required to be cast as the god of thunder?

“We needed it all,” the director said. “We needed the physical magnificence . . . the action chops and then an acting range that was much more ambitious in the end on the page it seemed to us than maybe we’d envisioned. He wouldn’t just be involved in action. There was some sort of interior journey the character was going on that needed to be very, very well acted.”

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