Chris Hemsworth On Getting Thor's Hammer (And The Rest Of The Costume) Right

Thor wouldn’t be himself without his hammer, so when MTV News sat down with star Chris Hemsworth, he gave us a brief lesson on the weapons and props used in the film.

“There were a few different hammers," said Hemsworth of the various versions of the magic hammer, Mjolnir, used in the film.

"This is the childproof, rubber version, which is much safer,” he said of the replica hammer created by Hasbro that we received a few days earlier. “We had the adult’s [hammer], which was heavier and mallet-like. It needed to have some weight to it, you know? Otherwise you spin it around like this and it doesn’t look impressive.”

Asked about the meticulous design of objects like Thor's hammer, Hemsworth indicated that it was a group effort to make them look authentic — other people would design them, and he would wield them.

“I didn’t know about the intricate sort of details involved or in the costumes or the sets or the hammer,” the Aussie actor admitted. “It was everybody else, the experts saying this needs to be smaller or larger or this color or that color. And I was there going, ‘Eh, cool.’ ”

“Thor” hits theaters May 6.

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