EXCLUSIVE: New 'Green Lantern' Image - Meet The Corps!

It's Summer Movie Preview Week here on MTV Splash Page, and we're kicking things off today with a big treat for everyone following development on the "Green Lantern" movie! Warner Bros. has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look at a new promotional banner for "Green Lantern."

UPDATE: You can now view a larger version of the image by clicking on the banner above! (You're welcome!)

You can get your first look at the new banner above, but don't worry — we're hoping to add a high-res version of the image in the near future. Before we do, though, can you name all the Green Lanterns shown in the image?

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Let us know what you think of the new "Green Lantern" image — and try to name all the Lanterns, if you dare — in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!

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